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I'm now a CPR instructor!

September 9th, 2006 at 07:33 am

I spent this week earning my CPR/AED/First Aid instructor's certificate from the Red Cross. I am now certified to teach CPR/AED/FA classes; I'm so excited! Part of my current job is to teach these skills to low income populations for free, so I will get a lot of instructor experience this year! I'm not allowed to have a second job until my term is up next August, but hopefully, after that, CPR training will provide me with a little extra income since I'll be able to be a per diem community/workplace instructor. I think knowing basic first aid and CPR is extremely important, and if I could afford the manikins, I would teach it for free to anyone who wanted to learn.

On a different note, when I went grocery shopping last week I got a nice surprise at the checkout -- a '$10 off your next grocery purchase' from Kraft, with no purchase requirements. Since I don't buy packaged foods, I'm not sure what Kraft products I bought (other than cheese), but, I don't really care! :-)

This weekend I plan to go over my budget and finances again as I've been a little lax over the past two weeks. I also finally got a copy of The Total Money Makeover and the workbook that goes with it. I started it last night and hope to at least skim through the whole thing over the next couple days.

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