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Completely Uninteresting April 1st Debt

March 26th, 2011 at 09:17 am

Again, this is just for me to keep a running log of my debt as I hopefully get it all paid off.

Merrick Bank $442.28
PayPal PayLater $61.99
Orchard Bank $479.21 (a stupid annual fee)
Capital One $1359
AT&T $75.17 (They added $29 to my bill when I canceled prior to my next billing cycle. Jerks)

Total April: $2417.65
Total March: $2609.74

Paid Off

Last Month
Target: $24.40 paid
HSN: $39.00
PayPal Pay Later: $140.00
Merrick Bank: $465.31
Orchard Bank $443.40
Capital One: $1362.63
AT&T (last phone bill)$135.00

It is so little debt in the grand scheme of things, but it seems like it is taking forever to pay off!


Paid Off

Cars & Phones as status symbols

March 19th, 2011 at 05:57 am

Since I know I'll forget about this, I wanted to document it to remind myself of how silly it is.

I switched from my iPhone to a Virgin Mobile slide/touch phone about three weeks ago (and will be saving a ton of money doing so). For the first couple of weeks, when I took out my little phone, I felt a bit uncomfortable, like I couldn't afford an iPhone or something. I was shocked that I would feel like that over a phone. Now I'm fine with my new, non-status phone. (Not that iPhones are status symbols anymore, everyone has one it seems, but still . . .)

Soooo, I'm leaving work at the same time as several people yesterday, and start noticing all the shiny new cars in our parking lot. There were a couple older cars, but mostly new. It didn't bother me at all to walk over to my definitely non-status symbol car. It's a 1998 Ford Escort wagon with 72k miles (30k of them mine). The paint is nice; it has one tiny dent FROM BEING TOWED, but is in great body/engine shape.

Why my phone bothered me but my car doesn't just seemed odd to me.

Living Social *deal*?

March 10th, 2011 at 01:43 pm

I've never purchased anything from Living Social, but earlier this week they had a pizza deal for a place I've wanted to try, and you got $2 extra dollars off if you watched the trailer for a new television show. I thought I was getting a good deal - $20 gift certificate for $8.

I checked my account this morning, and there is $10 'processing' and $8 and $10 charges listed as holds, all for Living Social. Maybe it will be fixed, but in the meantime it's on my mind and aggravating me. What's the problem? Charge me the $8 that showed up at checkout and be done with it. I don't understand why there are many different charges/holds (3) on my account for one purchase.

Phila. Traffic Court Saga

March 8th, 2011 at 01:19 pm

So I had my traffic court appearance today and got nothing, nada, zip. Before I even could explain, the judge asked if I had switched insurance. I told him yes, and that I had documents from Geico, and copies of what I sent to Harrisburg to prove I had insurance back in March of 2010 when I switched carriers. He said this happens all the time.

He mumbled something to the clerk and told me to go sit on a bench and wait to be called to sign my paperwork. I asked about getting some of my $436.00 back, and told him that the previous judge told me I should get all but the 'administrative fee' of $75 back if I could prove I had insurance and had given notice of such to Harrisburg. The judge didn't even want to see any of that. He said that they don't give any money back -- he literally said they can't afford to do that (I know, who in the world would ever believe that in a million years. I really wish I would have taped the whole thing). Then he said that he dropped the $594 fine for the suspended registration even though my registration *was* suspended at the time. Gee, thanks for the favor.

So . . . as a last resort I am going to forward all my information to the PA Attorney General's office and see if they'll look at it. Years and years ago Wells Fargo screwed up my mortgage, and I forwarded all the information to the AG, they took on my case, and Wells Fargo had to right things. Hopefully I'll be lucky again.

Oh well. I was hoping to get at least a couple hundred dollars back to infuse my now non-existent EF. After the $400 in January, then $400 in February for inspection and repairs, I'm more broke than I've been in about forever.