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Phila. Traffic Court Saga

March 8th, 2011 at 01:19 pm

So I had my traffic court appearance today and got nothing, nada, zip. Before I even could explain, the judge asked if I had switched insurance. I told him yes, and that I had documents from Geico, and copies of what I sent to Harrisburg to prove I had insurance back in March of 2010 when I switched carriers. He said this happens all the time.

He mumbled something to the clerk and told me to go sit on a bench and wait to be called to sign my paperwork. I asked about getting some of my $436.00 back, and told him that the previous judge told me I should get all but the 'administrative fee' of $75 back if I could prove I had insurance and had given notice of such to Harrisburg. The judge didn't even want to see any of that. He said that they don't give any money back -- he literally said they can't afford to do that (I know, who in the world would ever believe that in a million years. I really wish I would have taped the whole thing). Then he said that he dropped the $594 fine for the suspended registration even though my registration *was* suspended at the time. Gee, thanks for the favor.

So . . . as a last resort I am going to forward all my information to the PA Attorney General's office and see if they'll look at it. Years and years ago Wells Fargo screwed up my mortgage, and I forwarded all the information to the AG, they took on my case, and Wells Fargo had to right things. Hopefully I'll be lucky again.

Oh well. I was hoping to get at least a couple hundred dollars back to infuse my now non-existent EF. After the $400 in January, then $400 in February for inspection and repairs, I'm more broke than I've been in about forever.

2 Responses to “Phila. Traffic Court Saga”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I don't understand... they charged you for not having insurance, and then when you showed that you had insurance they kept your money? That is sick and wrong. I am more and more disgusted by things I read about in our justice system... that sounds like how they run things here in Eastern Europe, where they are still trying to get a grip on democracy, and not how it should be in the States. That kind of stuff leads me to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Sorry, that really bites!

  2. melissalt Says:

    Thanks Jerry. Yep. You're so right. I used to joke about all the 'innocent' people in prison, but after a taste of the justice system, I'm starting to think that there could be lots of innocent people in prison.

    Anyway, the judge only wanted to see the letter from Hbg that lifted the suspension on my registration. He didn't care about the towing or impound fees or any of my proof of notification to Hbg at all. Unbelievable. I guess it's how Philadelphia makes a buck.

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