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Back again for accountability . . .

July 12th, 2018 at 07:46 am

I came across this site while looking for some Dave Ramsey forms. I couldn't believe my old posts were even still here! It was amazing reading through them as my life is so different now.

Of course, I wrote an amazingly long post, and got logged out/timed out/whatever, so lost it all. So . . . redoing the quick version.

**This will be boring for anyone to read; it's for my accountability. Just warning anyone who might read it. You'll never get those minutes back. ;-)**

Worked really hard before to become debt free, also got divorced. Saved up money, bought a cheap house for cash, bought two used cars for cash so that when one was in the garage for repairs I could still get to work, saved up for an amazing solo vacation to Moorea, an island off Tahiti, and most of a trip to Iceland with some friends.

***Going Back Into Debt
Got back from Tahiti a little broke, but came across a car that was much better than mine, for a crazy low price. Ended up using my EF to buy it and pay for the few repairs it needed. Started using my credit card . . . but didn't touch my long term EF. Dumb.

Met my future husband. Spent the remaining EF on our wedding. It was an amazing dream wedding that we only spent $4k on, so totally worth it. We lived in his small apartment (long story) until we could move into my house. Ended up charging my spending money in Iceland; bought a new washer for the house; spent oodles of money redoing the bedroom at the house; and spent tons of money while living at the apartment because it was quite stressful to be there and we agreed that we would rather go into credit card debt than deal with living in the apartment without being able to have fun. And fun we had. Now it's time to pay down the debt.

***Income situation
This is a little up in the air as I am changing jobs. I'll make less money, but pay less for insurance, and will avoid the daily tolls and 2 hour daily commute cost, so the lower pay should be offset by the savings in gas/tolls and insurance. Together we should make $75-$80k.

***Debt situation
We have about $10k across a bunch of credit cards (about $3k mine before meeting my husband), and about $30k left on my husband's truck. We pay about $500/mo toward credit cards and $550 for the truck. I've worked out the debt snowball by hand and with the debt snowball calculator on undebtit. We should be free of debt by October 2021.

My goal is to look back on this post four years from now and think, omg, curbing spending sucked, but it was so worth it. We have two mortgage-free houses (inherited family vacation home on river that we use for vacation), a beautiful paid truck, no debt at all, and a fully funded 3-6 month EF.

4 Responses to “Back again for accountability . . . ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Welcome back! Curious which name you wrote under in the past.

  2. melissalt Says:

    creditcardfree: Thanks so much! It is the same name. When I came across the site I tried my standard username/password combo and it logged me in. I originally came in 2006, then 2011, now in 2018! Long journey.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Welcome back!

  4. melissalt Says:

    CB in the City: Thank you. Glad to be back because I know I do much better when surrounded by like-minded people, but sad to be back because it means I'm back in debt.

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